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CNJ Developments does a variety of residential real estate investments within Calgary. If you require private financing for a home or project please contact us for additional information.

We are happy to work with Mortgage brokers. 


For returns higher than what your bank or stock broker will provide, we are your go-to Calgary real estate investment team. With over $20M in deals completed and no investor has ever lost a penny. References available upon request. 

The classic line “buy land, because they are not making anymore of it" could not be more true. However, we believe that for it to be a smart investment you need someone who knows how to buy the right land that will bring you a good return on your investment. And, that's exactly what we've proven to do best!

Why not invest in one of history’s best investments, real estate.


Borrowing Money

Whatever you have in mind, CNJ is available for smart borrowing. We're interested in lending you the money you need to make an investment real estate project a reality. We're a low volume developer, therefore, your loan isn't one of thousands. We take pride in the details and making sure your loan makes sense for you.

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Lending Money

Interested in investing your money with CNJ Developments? We're happy to partner with passionate investors looking to place their money in trustworthy, experienced hands. With over $20M in deals completed, none of our investors have ever lost money!

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